Nolan North on Shenhai 5: if there’s a new work and I don’t know, there’s a problem

Nolan north, the dubbing actor of Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the "mysterious sea" series, has sent a clear message to the developers' naughty dog when talking about the development of the new "mysterious sea 5" game on ps5.

Recently, in an interview with foreign media retro replay, Nolan North was asked if he could be sure that mysteries 5 was being actively developed. He replied: “if there is a new game in the development of mysteries and I am not involved, there will be problems!”

Nolan North on Shenhai 5: if there's a new work and I don't know, there's a problem

Previously, naughty dogs had made it clear that mysteries 4 would be the last chapter of the series, but earlier this month, naughty dog president Neil druckmann hinted that they had “some cool things” to announce, but only in due course to share. Naughty dog should be the first product on ps5, but you shouldn’t expect it to appear in the form of mysterious sea area 5.