NS fighting game “arms” cartoon of the same name cancelled

The comic novel of the same name, adapted from Nintendo ns host combat game work arms, has been cancelled, and the author is reluctant to explain the reasons behind it.

In May 2018, the free preface to the cartoon was released on “free comic day” in the United States. The cover of the book has said the full version of the comic novel will be released in the fall of 2018.

NS fighting game

But since then, the cartoon has not released any more news, which has made fans worry about the future of the work.

Although the book has not been cancelled by the official announcement, forum users found that Ian Flynn, the author of the comic book, updated his own collection page, which in a way confirmed the cancellation of the cartoon of arms.

“The introduction development plan was written on the 2018 free comic day, but unfortunately cancelled comic novel based on the Nintendo fighting game arms,” it wrote on the page

On twitter, fans asked Flynn if he could confirm the cancellation of the work personally, but said he could not or should not make official announcements.

Arms is the first big release since Nintendo ns was launched and has been updated for a long time, but Nintendo has not mentioned the game in the past nine months.