NVIDIA blocks RTX 3060 graphics card mining

Before bitcoin price has exceeded $50000, so many miners crazy. RTX 30 series graphics card is becoming more and more popular, and the price is soaring. Organic smart people even purchase a lot of RTX

3060 game this mining, and everywhere to show off.

NVIDIA blocks RTX 3060 graphics card mining

In order to deal with this situation, NVIDIA began to take measures to limit the mining performance of RTX 3060 to half of the original through software, and launched CMP

NVIDIA blocks RTX 3060 graphics card mining

30hx40hx50hx90hx four special mining chips.

NVIDIA also issued a statement saying that the software restrictions could not be cracked by private hackers, and they would not allow interference with the game graphics card market to reappear.

Someone tested a leaked RTX 3060 retail graphics card, and found that even if there was no driver, the RTX 3060 was not available

When the 3060 detects the mining operation, its performance is still reduced. Before, it was nominal 41.5mhs, but now it is only 25mhs. It is suspected that NVIDIA has written some logic dead in the BIOS of the graphics card instead of relying on the driver.

As for the RTX graphics cards already on sale, NVIDIA said it would not damage the mining performance, but did not rule out the practice of launching new BIOS in new batches in the future.