NVIDIA may introduce ampere ga100 GPU into CMP HX series, which will become the strongest mine card

NVIDIA is likely to launch a new CMP HX series mine card, which will use the ampere ga100

GPU。 This is NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU so far. It is specially used for AI and HPC. It is manufactured by TSMC’s 7Nm process.

NVIDIA may introduce ampere ga100 GPU into CMP HX series, which will become the strongest mine card

This news comes from twitter user @ kopite7kimi. It has leaked a lot of news about NVIDIA’s ampere architecture products, including new models and CMP

HX series and limit geforce series game graphics card hash rate.

It is said that this CMP using the ampere ga100 GPU

HX series products will have extremely powerful performance in mining. Although no specific date and specification are provided, considering that almost all GPU mining algorithms rely heavily on video memory performance, we can expect the flagship level ampere

What kind of performance will ga100 GPU’s CMP HX series products provide if they are put into the cryptocurrency battlefield.

In contrast, NVIDIA’s geforce RTX is based on ga102 core

The TDP of 3090 video card is 350W. The video memory with gddr6x has 936.2gbs bandwidth. The average hash rate is 115-120 MHS. At present, the CMP released by NVIDIA

HX series mine card, the highest level is 90hx, hash rate is 86 MHS, video memory bit width may be 320, estimated to use gddr6 video memory.

And NVIDIA’s ampere ga100

GPU is not a grade at all. It uses hbm2 video memory with a bandwidth of 1.6tbs and a TDP of 250W. It has a higher hash rate and efficiency in mining. The only problem is probably the price, which is estimated to be very expensive. At present, NVIDIA A100

The price of the PCIe version is about $11000, which is geforce RTX

About 7 times of 3090 graphics card, even considering the serious premium of the current graphics card market, it will still be 4 to 5 times higher. Of course, NVIDIA may start with video memory in order to reduce costs, such as video memory capacity.