Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

Okadora studio

Seeing the okadora studio which has been signed successfully in two consecutive periods of [game works collection], we must have known who the big guy to introduce today is right. It is our old friend, Simba, a community star, who is familiar with our developers, and two excellent roblez developers in his family.

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

The signed work of okadora Studio: All Star fight

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

Okadora studio was founded in Taihu Lake, Jiangnan Water Town, and its main creator Simba

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

Zhang Ya is a super milk dad. He has been a game producer for many years since he worked. He has developed the game for 20 years, including ten years of unity3d development experience, several years of javalaya3dphp development experience, and has made many mobile games with millions of users. Now full time development

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

In roblox games, because I also teach my children programming, we have established a training institution for children programming, which teaches children scratch, Python and roblox

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

development. In 2020, Robles was successfully signed by “All Star fight” in the “game works collection” activity. The maximum monthly net profit after the game was released reached 100000 yuan.

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

In may2020, we will start a journey to Robles to solve the pain points of independent developers

Okadora: a father developer who puts game development into life

Simba has been engaged in small game development before joining the loproth community. However, whether small games or super leisure, its ultimate goal is to keep players clicking ads, which will not only interrupt the game, affect the experience, but also make the game design not only pure and commercial. It also seems to be against his original intention to play design. After seeing an article about Robles one day in May 2020, I joined the official group with curiosity to understand it. For the first time, I saw such an ideal platform that conforms to the independent developers, so long as the game quality is guaranteed, there is enough room for survival.

Although Simba has made more than ten million games before, it has been found that there are many difficulties in the market, such as small games and super leisure games. It is understood that the platform is to adopt advertising bidding, cruel forest law, so that the game promotion from the beginning of the difficult. With the increasing advertising cost and the profit space of developers becoming smaller and smaller, the super leisure game publishers are almost all channels or have strong advertising platform background. It is difficult to obtain the first-hand game data.

For independent game developers like Simba, it is difficult to gain competitive advantage without the first-hand game data. But in rob Roth is not so, the game data accurate to every hour is at the background. After a week of in-depth study, we also find that in robroth, it mainly depends on the quality of the game and the popularity spread in the community. This is very suitable for independent developers, which can solve the problem of small and medium-sized independent developers’ purchase, and also enable developers to do the game with their heart. Simba decided to cut off all the projects that were being done in his hands, and all

In Roblox。

The fourth month the game was recommended by YouTube’s many big V

Based on the powerful function and easy to use of roblox engine, Simba has basically mastered roblox development after two months of playing and practicing. Several ways to learn Studio development are recommended to you:

1、 Official video from BiliBili:

2、 Official article:

3、 API library:

4、 International Forum:

It took four months from officially joining the ranks of robroth developers to completing the development and launch of all star wars. But shortly after the launch, because the game itself plays interesting, has been recommended by many big YouTube V, without any promotion will bring a first wave of users, which is the magic of roblex. The game has reached 4000 online without any promotion after it was launched. In the first month, the total number of users reached 1million, and the number of online people was 4000

Up to now, the total number of users of the game has exceeded 7.5 million. As MMORPG games, if it is a traditional game platform, the investment that may be needed in buying advertisements has been daunting, but Simba at that time

Advertising investment is less than 3000 yuan.

The time of parent-child education in roble siley

Simba is a young programming teacher in addition to developing games. For him, Robles has been integrated into daily life. Its rich game playing, personality creation and free development also let two children of his family play in Rob’s mind while they start to learn the knowledge about the development of the game. The senior nurse father also found a unique way of parent-child company.

When her 5-year-old daughter is free, she will record some video of Robles’ games and release them to various platforms. The 10-year-old son has a 2-year-old scratch programming foundation and has become an excellent small developer. During the holiday, they developed and launched the “escape from Oscar tower” and “banana man’s universe adventure”. Both of them have entered the Top100 list of work release awards and won the prize money, becoming the star characters in the class, helping the children greatly improve their self-confidence. Children have trained imagination in the world of games, their thinking has been innovated and their minds are now extremely obsessed with Rob development. During the holiday, he and dad develop games until the early morning, they can not help but sigh the terrible.

In the eyes of Simba, using Robles to develop game works is not only a work, but also a way of life,

It is a meaningful parent-child education. In the new year, Simba also hopes to have a deeper understanding of Robles players, as well as ecological characteristics, and strive to design and develop better game works. We wish okadora studio a better hit in the new year. At the same time, I hope that more developers will join us in the future to build a good community of rob.