“Old scroll ol” new DLC preview new adventure

Today (March 9) zenimax online released the new DLC "flames of fire" of "ancient scroll ol"

The DLC has been released on PC platform.

New notice:

In the new DLC of ancient scroll ol, a new series of adventures of “the door of annihilation” will be opened. Players will enter two new dungeons, cauldron and Black Drake

Villa, expose the terrible plan of daedric cult. Race against the clock to snatch a mysterious masterpiece from hell. The DLC contains a number of unique rewards, including powerful equipment sets, achievements and collectibles.

“Wildfire heart” DLC has been launched on PCMAC and stadia, and will be launched on PS4 and Xbox one platforms on March 16.

The new DLC, Blackwood, will be available on PC and stadia on June 2 and Xbox on June 8

One and PS4. It’s also part of the series of annihilation gate adventures. In this adventure, it’s time to cash in a deal with doomsday. You need to explore the imperial city and the dark swamp, uncover the evil plot of meronius Dagon, and take risks with the right assistants in the new companion system.