Olive town and the land of hope

Recently, some players have found that there is a divorce system in olive town and the land of hope. Players can choose to cancel the relationship with their existing partners. If they have children, the children will disappear. Not only that, those who divorced before can get married again.

It is reported that the “marriage play” of the “Tales of the pasture” series has always been popular. Players can choose their favorite partners from multiple marriage partners to get married. In previous works, players have to play the game again if they want to change partners. However, in “the story of the ranch olive town and the land of hope”, if the player is dissatisfied with the existing partnership, he can make a wish in the spirit of the ancestral temple, which can not only cancel the existing relationship, but also disappear forever if he has children, which is equivalent to forcibly resetting the relationship back to the time point before the confession.

Olive town and the land of hope

In addition, for the previous divorce object, the player can also get married again. The divorce of “olive town and the land of hope” may be designed to reduce the liver of players, or to pave the way for the subsequent addition of partner DLC.

Olive town and the land of hope

Some players think that this system is still a bit terrible, tired of the partner want to discard, even the shadow of the child is not left, and even can be operated repeatedly, feel a bit deviated from the “warm and comfortable feeling” of the “ranch story” series, also easy to give people a sense of inexplicable immorality.

Olive town and the land of hope

Olive town and the land of hope

The latest work of "ranch story" series "is" the story of olive town and land of hope ", which released the updated data ver1.0.3 yesterday, which fixed some abnormal problems, aiming to bring players a smoother game experience. Today (March 17), Shijia officially released a letter from the producer Wucun university to the players, which briefly introduced the game's future update plan.

The second letter from the producer

Olive town and the land of hope

Dear ranchers, thank you very much for your visit to the land of hope and olive town.

Olive town and the land of hope

I am the producer of Wucun.

First, I’ll report the following updated data we have released.

[update data ver.1.03 “corresponding content]

Shorten partial load time

New performance when modifying access facilities

Delete and repair some text that affect the world outlook

Fix the problem that you can’t continue playing after setting network communication on

Fix the problem that under certain conditions, when the pet is waken up, it is impossible to continue playing when you go out of the house.

Fix the problem that under certain conditions, the fishing rod can not be continued in the mine

Fix other minor issues

As mentioned in the previous producer letter, the updated data are basically emergency response measures. In the future, we will further improve the quality of all works and improve the functional update.

The corresponding time of each project, and the update date and other information will be reported to you after their plans are determined. This policy has not changed.

However, in order to demonstrate our determination to perform to you, we will first clarify the projects currently scheduled to be improved and corresponding.

[to book “modification” and “new corresponding project” project in the future]

Further reduce loading time

Reduce handling load (carton)

Improve the design of various machining machines

Modify the performance during the conversation

Additional types of performance of eating performances

Improve the operability of player role

Modify and append various texts (dialogue, etc.)

Continue to fix abnormal problems

In addition to the above issues, in order to make people enjoy the ranch life more, it is scheduled to implement various updates.

The content is based on the opinions and suggestions of ranchers for their love of the series.

In order to make everyone recognize this work as a game consistent with the 25th anniversary, all of us will continue to face your suggestions sincerely.

I hope you will continue to support the story of the ranch olive town and the land of hope

“The story of pasture and olive town and the land of hope” producer Wucun Da