One click music rhythm game “rhythm doctor” will be launched on the steam platform on February 26!

Beat the space with rhythm, save the patient with rhythm!

In the world of doctor rhythm, defibrillation of the patient’s heart with the beat of the heartbeat can produce quite magical medical effects. As a doctor, what you need to do is to seize the perfect opportunity and press the space bar at the seventh beat of the music! Put on your white coat and use your rhythm to save those patients who are troubled by various diseases!

One click music rhythm game

L developer: 7th beat games

One click music rhythm game

L Publisher: 7th beat games, indienova

One click music rhythm game

L launch platform: steam

One click music rhythm game

L sale time: February 26, 2021

One click music rhythm game

L game category: Music Games

One click music rhythm game

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. The rhythm doctor is good at emergency. Inspired by “rhythm heaven”, the unique and simple one click rhythm game “rhythm doctor” looks forward to your wonderful performance!

One click music rhythm game

This rhythm game can be defined by the following keywords:

Simple and crude operation philosophy (press the button in the seventh beat);

L gorgeous and exaggerated performance of sound and painting (every song is regarded as MV to produce);

L visual interference with various patterns (yes, more than visual cues will be visual interference);

Bizarre plot setting (you need to play the doctor of heart emergency, and the patients you need to face are strange).

You novice doctors must be careful, you may face patients with different symptoms, corresponding to a variety of music themes: staggered beat, irregular beat, hermiola rhythm and so on.

But you don’t have to worry about these strange concepts! Unlike most rhythm game levels, which are arranged from simple to difficult, we also gradually design and add new elements and mechanisms to consolidate, strengthen, integrate and cooperate with gorgeous performance effects to gradually improve the game content. Unconsciously, although the players may not have direct contact with music theory knowledge, they can also be handy and control it perfectly in the process of the game.

Game features

L more than 20 elaborate levels, including rich plot elements.

L each level is gradually introduced into the music mechanism, so that players can easily master and enjoy the happiness of growth.

The wonderful performance of doctors and patients interspersed in the all inclusive story line.

You can enjoy the game by yourself or by inviting friends to cooperate locally.

L powerful level editor, players can create, share and try community level! At the same time, they can add their own music, carefully adjust the spectrum, and use our preset 50 kinds of visual effects and background.

L high difficulty “night shift mode” specially prepared for talents.