Online mode extension of PC version of watchdog: Legion

Last month, Ubisoft announced that the online model of "watchdog: Legion" will be launched on March 9, but it has been postponed on PC. The main reason is that the PC with some graphics cards will crash.

In order to provide a smooth game experience on the first day, Ubisoft decided to postpone the online mode of PC version of watchdog: Legion. Ubisoft did not announce the new launch time, but said that once there is news, it will be announced immediately.

Online mode extension of PC version of watchdog: Legion

Watchdog: Legion should have added its online mode when it launched in October last year, which allows players to participate in a series of activities, including PvP and PVE. However, this online mode was postponed at the start of the game, which has been postponed for nearly half a year so far. PC players naturally hope that online mode will come on March 9. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, players who bought PC version of “watchdog: Legion” still need to wait.

Online mode extension of PC version of watchdog: Legion

The good news is that console players and stadia users can still experience the online mode of the game on March 23. When the online mode is launched, s4ps5 players will have limited in-game text chat.

The online mode of watchdog: Legion will provide all players with the following functions:

——Free roaming open world cooperation mode, players can team up with their friends, up to 4 players. Players can explore London, encounter city events, complete challenges and participate in regional events.

——New cooperative game mechanism will be adopted for the new cooperative task of 2-4 players. It will also give players the opportunity to recruit the perfect team and counter the threat of London on one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

——”Ethnic leaders”, the first four person cooperative tactical action, need teamwork and high efficiency. It consists of five interrelated narrative tasks, which are designed for challenge seeking players. Players need to develop strategies and communicate effectively with their teammates. Players also have to make sure they upgrade their gadgets and recruit a strong cast of characters.

——The first PVP mode, spider robot arena. In this mode, four players control the armed spider robot and compete in a high-intensity free competition death competition.

By completing any online activity, players will get XP to raise their level and unlock rewards such as unique looks and influence points to recruit new agents or upgrade their dedsec gadgets.