“Original God” x KFC linkage is crowded by players, cancelled due to epidemic concerns

With McDonald's and baokemeng's linkage coming to an end in North America, another popular game, original God, has begun its linkage with KFC in China. Just like in the United States on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, when McDonald's announced the launch of the happy meal baokemeng card, a large number of baokemeng fans poured into McDonald's stores, and the fans of the original God also lined up in KFC stores all over China, hoping to get a playable role Badge.

“Yuanshen” is an open World RPG game developed by Chinese developer MIHA you, which was released in September last year. As soon as the original God was launched, it has been a great success in China and other countries. In fact, according to the report, it is also the world’s highest initial revenue Chinese game.

The interaction between Yuanshen and KFC gives Chinese fans the opportunity to obtain the unique badges of two characters in the game, namely, diruk and Noel. Meanwhile, it will also unlock the contents of the game, such as special recipes and character costumes. In order to get these badges, customers need to buy a set meal and say the password “meet in a different world, enjoy the delicious food”.

The linkage attracted a large number of fans to queue up to buy, and some customers even set up tents, but this seemingly very successful linkage was finally cancelled because of the concern of the epidemic. At present, the linkage between Shanghai and Hangzhou has been cancelled.

Queuing Video:

KFC aunt said she could not understand the second dimension:

Yesterday, Yuanshen official micro blog and KFC official micro blog both apologized. KFC official replied that due to the epidemic prevention requirements, the linkage activities of Shanghai stores have been cancelled, and the reserved orders can be applied for refund

Foreign analyst: to be honest, you need a high IQ to understand the original God

Picture from microblog: players line up