“Outlanders” demo data amazing, fanatical players play 17 hours a day

The trials of outriders set off the boom immediately after it was released on February 25. Development studio people can

Fly also uses the trial to analyze and balance the style of the game players will take in this work between RPG and brush shooting game types.

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Fly is also very fond of the popularity of “outriders” in social media. This work combines brush shooting and RPG mechanism, plus fast forward and fast out game mode, which is very effective for players to keep immersing in the fantasy planet for a long time. People

Can fly announced on twitter today that the outriders trial edition is more popular than expected.

According to the statistics released by developers, the player with the longest game time has played 254 hours. Don’t forget that it’s just a trial version, and it’s only half a month since February 25. The player has been playing liver games every day except eating and sleeping, playing an average of 17 hours a day. The average game time of the outriders trial version is 4 hours and 20 minutes. More than 2 million players have joined in the first week of the online service, contributing 950 hours of game time. The trial version contains the important part of the first part of the game. The game props and weapons acquired by the players will be inherited into the official version of the game. This means that players are more motivated to play in the liver equipment in the trial version, in order to directly start the game in the official version of the God.

However, given the crazy liver equipment in the game, the development studio recently lowered the explosion rate of legendary equipment, and rolled back the archive of players who can get three boxes to get the equipment by using the non combat pure running diagram.

Although developers enjoy the game’s enthusiasm, the success of the trial version does not mean that the official version will definitely win the game. The player activity of this game depends on how to keep players fresh after continuous brush of equipment, which is a problem that developers need to consider. At least, at least the players base for “outriders” is good at the moment.

Outriders will be available on April 1 and will be available on PC, PS4, ps5, stadia, Xbox one and Xbox series XS platforms.