“Outlaws and legends” fighter career Trailer: Hammer wielding iron hand

Following "Ranger" and "Hunter", the multiplayer action adventure game "outlaws of the green forest: outlaws and legends" today (March 18) released another playable occupation in the game: brawler.

Brawler Video:

The name of the fighter is John. As the name suggests, he is an iron man with a sledgehammer. When he releases the ultimate skill “anger”, he will glow all over. The brawler is a force in the team, but needs to pay attention to the opponent’s long-range attack.

Introduction to the game:

We are all outlaws But some of us will be legends.

Faced with a merciless, uncontrolled world, rebels and gangsters fight in every corner to claim their legendary status. In order to gain influence among the oppressed people, rival gangs are now competing to carry out bold robberies and attack the pain of the rich. Whether they are folk heroes or desperado, only the strongest can escape with hard won wealth.

Gather your team of outlaws and try to steal treasures from oppressive governments in the dark and violent medieval world.

Two groups of players compete in an environment with deadly AI guards patrolling to implement the perfect robbery. Use each character’s unique skills and mysterious ability to sneak in, steal treasure, or dominate noisy and cruel battles.

“Outlaws of the green forest: outlaws and legends” will go on sale on May 10. It will be launched on PC, PS4, ps5, Xbox one and Xbox series X | s platforms, and pre ordered players can experience the game three days in advance. The game is now on sale in steam mall, with a national price of 118 yuan.