Outriders may be on Xbox game pass

With the success of the free trial version of outriders, many people are looking forward to the official release of the game. When the game goes on sale in a few weeks, it will retail for the usual $60. Recently, however, there has been a hint that outlanders may be available on Xbox

Game Pass。

Outriders may be on Xbox game pass

Xbox game pass official tweet shared a fake email screenshot from Melissa

Outriders may be on Xbox game pass

Mcgamepass, that’s a fake name, of course. XGP officials often use email screenshots to predict the next game to join XGP.

According to the clues contained in the email, there is a sentence that catches the player’s attention. That is “has anyone noticed a mysterious signal in the distance recently, or I have something unusual.”. Many people think it should be related to outlanders, because “mysterious signals” and “anomalies” appeared in the “outlanders” feature film in February last year. In addition, gamespot also pointed out that “outlanders” demo is a mysterious signal for players to pursue. Maybe XGP is foreshadowing a completely different game, but it does seem to be in the same direction as outlanders.

At present, most of the games that joined XGP on the day of release are Microsoft’s first-party games. Of course, there are also some third-party games that have cooperation with Microsoft. For outriders, a big production and landing on multiple platforms, it’s hard to believe that it joined XGP as soon as it started.

“Outlanders” will go on sale on April 1 and will be available on PC, ps5, xsx, PS4, Xbox one and stadia.