“Pacific Rim: black zone” ign 7: not popcorn worth watching

Netflix's original animation "around the Pacific: black box" was premiered on March 4 and broadcast on station B on March 7. Recently, ign scored 7 points for it. Ign said that "around the Pacific: Black restricted area" is still good. The story of two teenagers and a machine armor Hunter crossing the Australian wasteland has become the Entertainment Animation drama of the subsequent derivative of the IP.

Ign score: 7 points, OK

The story of two teenagers and a mechatron crossing Australian wilderness has become a follow-up Entertainment Animation drama called “Pacific Rim.”.

Ign general comments:

“Around the Pacific: black zone” may take a few episodes to fully unfold the story, but once the audience is fully adapted to the animation’s picture and tone – it’s more emotional (and less popcorn than the movie version) – the “round Pacific: black zone” will be a series of “Pacific Rim” series worth watching The extension of the work.

“Around the Pacific: Black restricted zone” Preview:

Other media ratings:

IMDB 7.2 points

Rotten tomato freshness 71