Panic button is willing to transplant “the temple of heroes” to switch

The temple of the spirit is popular on PC steam, and host players are pleading for a good host transplant. So is it possible for this game to log in to Xbox series

10. Ps5 and switch only have time to tell, but at least one studio is willing to take the game to the switch platform.

Panic button is willing to transplant

Yes, they were responsible for a lot of 3A big projects transplanted to the American Austin studio on switch – panel

Button, who played games including “destroyer 4” in 2016, destroyer: eternity, German headquarters: new Colossus, and StarWar a. The studio recently brought apex hero to the switch.

In an interview with nintendolife, Dan, production director of Pan button

“I’m not sure if this is [any of my game options], but I’ve played the temple of the spirit for a long time and I’m willing to transplant it to the switch,” Hernberg replied

In the previous official FAQ, the development team behind the temple of the spirit told players that they are currently focused on bringing games to PCs (including Linux version steam), and have no plans to log in to other platforms, but will not exclude the introduction of host versions in the future.