“Paradise disco” may not be available in Australia

"Paradise disco" was originally planned to land on the host side on the 30th of this month, including ps5ps4, switch, Xbox series, xxbox

One, but it doesn’t look like the game will be available in Australia.

As of yesterday, Australia’s grading board had refused to grade “blissful disco”. The reasons given by the Australian Classification Committee are as follows:

“According to the national classification rules, this computer game is classified as RC. This game describes, expresses or otherwise involves sex, drug abuse, addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or disgusting phenomena, which seriously violates the moral, etiquette and etiquette standards generally accepted by rational adults, so they should not be graded. “

Since October 15, 2019, “blissful disco” has been on sale on steam, but it has not landed on the host platform.

The game takes drugs and alcohol as part of its core playing mechanism, which seems to be a serious violation of the Australian Classification Committee’s guidelines.