“Paradise disco: the final edition” will go on sale on March 30. PC players can upgrade it for free

The open World RPG game "Paradise disco: the final cut version" will be launched on March 30 and will be sold on PC (steam epic GOG), MAC, ps5ps4 and Google stadia platform for $40. As previously announced, players who have bought the PC version can upgrade for free, while Xbox can

The series and switch versions will be available this summer.


“Paradise disco: final edition” provides full voice support, new ideological tasks, including map transfer function.

Official notice:

“The final edition of” the paradise disco “will go on sale on March 30.

We are very honored to announce that “great Disco – Final Cut” will be released on March 30, 2021. That’s right, my friends. It’s about to start. Let’s enter the countdown!

If you’ve already purchased the “blissful disco,” you’ll get a free upgrade to the “final cut.”. The players who buy the game after the final edition will get the most complete game experience in a week.

So, when you read this announcement, it’s only 13 days before you can get the brand new game experience we’ve built for you. We’ve introduced some of the new features of the final cut, and we’re going to unveil more that we haven’t mentioned before

Of course, we won’t spy here, but what we can say is that maybe the map transmission mentioned by many people before is really possible. By the way, let’s also praise our animator Eduardo

Rubio, he’s got tons of new animation for you. As we mentioned before, the game will also support full English dubbing, new political missions and new characters you can interact with.

We know that the community players are eager to play “Paradise disco”-

The final edition. For this reason, we sincerely thank you for your patience and support. It’s been a crazy journey, but we are very proud to be able to dedicate this achievement to you in the end. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with it!

“The final cut of” is the final version of this popular RPG. Pursue your political ideals in new tasks.

Communicate or inquire with more local people to explore a whole new area. It also supports full English dubbing, gamepad control and more localized language options.

Get more experience in this award-winning open world.

You’re a detective with a unique skill system, and you’ll walk all over the city. Visit unforgettable characters, crack murders, or take bribes. Become a hero, or a human disaster.

Content preview of final edition:

Free updates for all players

The task of new political view

New role

New clothes

New scene

Complete English dubbing

Full handle support


Collector Edition

Let your research in “the paradise disco”-

Go a step further in the collector’s edition. Open the box and get new objects: a double-sided map of fabric Martinez, an official art Atlas of “Paradise disco”, explore the story behind the game, a high-quality “thinking totem” Figurine, and an all-in-one version


Black collagen sound track

By British Sea

The complete original sound track of “blissful disco” created by power band will release a vinyl Album Version, and provide two kinds of optional packaging: the first is the standard vinyl album packaging, and the second is origami packaging, which will get a more three-dimensional visual effect after unfolding. The covers of both packages are made by Anton

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