PC “true goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version” opens pre order and goes on sale on May 25

At present, "true goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version" has been put on the steam mall page, the national district has opened the pre purchase, the price of standard version is 369 yuan, the price of digital luxury version is 459 yuan, the work is expected to officially land on the steam platform on May 25, 2021.

Screenshot of steam mall page:




One of the few masterpieces in the series has revived in modern times, “true goddess reincarnation III Nocturne HD Remaster” – let the demons in your body wake up.


This day should have been an ordinary day. “Tokyo conception” that brought the end to the world. Under the sudden great change, the capital of Japan became a strange world with mysterious light as the center and the ground shriveled into a ball. There is the world where the material “devil” in myth and inheritance lives. In “Tokyo”, which has completely changed, he devoted himself to the fight and embarked on the journey with a completely changed body, and composed a story about the choice and entanglement of “new world creation”.


The artistry that deeply attracts the audience, the informativeness brought by the stories that are also interlinked with modern society, and the completion of RPG have never faded today.


The features of this work are as follows

Reset 3D model and background

Additional difficulty setting

Can be saved at any time!

Voice: Japanese and English voice can be selected

Steam’s achievements and collective exchange cards

“True goddess reincarnation 3hd reset version” will be launched on steam platform on May 25, 2021. Interested players can click here to get the steam mall link.