“Persian language course” domestic fixed file March 19 create language out of thin air just for survival

The best known work, Persian language class, is scheduled for release in China on March 19. The film is adapted according to the real events and tells the story of the World War II concentration camp, directed by wadim Perlman, starring Neville Perez biskayat and Las Edinger.

Chinese scheduled Trailer:

During World War II, the Jewish small scroll lied that he was a Persian in the concentration camp and was seen by a German officer to teach his Persian language. The small volume that he didn’t understand at all about Persian language can only make up a language by virtue of the empty. He began to use the name of the Jews held in the concentration camp as the root of the word, and made up thousands of words of “Persian”. The officers relied on the small volume in the brutal environment, and began to protect him. Unexpectedly, a real Persian came from the camp