“Phyllis’s Alchemy workshop DX” added exploration tool real machine demonstration

In the upcoming "Phyllis's Alchemy Workshop - alchemist of incredible Brigade - DX", a number of transportation and exploration tools are added to facilitate players to move and explore more quickly. One of them is the "Buni UAV", and the official has brought us the real machine demonstration image of this exploration tool.

Real video game:

“Buni UAV” can help Phyllis explore, which is easy to improve the map exploration rate. At the same time, according to the given effect, the disadvantages caused by bad weather can be eliminated, and the capacity of the collection basket can be increased.

Ps4switchsteam’s Alchemy Workshop – the incredible alchemist Trilogy – DX will be on sale on April 22. The collection includes “Sophie’s Alchemy Workshop – the alchemist of the incredible book – DX”, “Phyllis’s Alchemy Workshop – the alchemist of the incredible Brigade – DX” and “Liddy & Suri’s Alchemy Workshop – The Alchemist of the incredible painting” DX “can be purchased separately.

On Phyllis’s Alchemy workshop

Phyllis has a little dream of swimming in the outside world.

One day, Phyllis met with alchemy and was able to leave the town to the outside world, embarking on an incredible journey that she did not know how long it would take.

Phyllis, together with the alchemists Sophie and Pravda, who meet by chance, comes to the outside world to learn alchemy from Sophie.

In order to take part in the official certification examination of alchemy held one year later, Phyllis visited towns and villages to find “officially certified alchemists”, honing her alchemy skills while completing the project and collecting letters of recommendation.