“Phyllis’s Alchemy workshop DX” additional information, the first batch of entity special dictionary open

Glorious tekumo has published the additional information of "Phillips' alchemy building - alchemist of incredible brigade DX" today (March 12). In DX version, more than one vehicle and exploration tool will be added, with its characteristics of various ages, which makes it easier for players to move and explore more quickly. There are additional crusades to enrich the risk.

Additional transportation and exploration tools

Bucket aircraft

The use of fuel can be used to not only move quickly, but also can be equipped with props in the material box. Meanwhile, using bucket aircraft can reduce LP consumption and reply HP and MP in mobile.

Pooney drone

It can help Felix to explore, and it is easy to improve the exploration rate of map. At the same time, according to the given effect, the disadvantages caused by bad weather can be eliminated, and the capacity of the collection basket can be increased.

Toy bulldozer

The use of fuel can be used to move quickly, while holding down the button continuously can also be automatically collected. The passengers will not be attacked by the enemy and can collect higher quality materials.


The submersible will quickly consume the sugar beans needed in the water and move rapidly in the water. At the same time, it can reduce LP consumption.

Additional expedition task

Poor Pamela

Pamela’s power seems to be sealed by the presence of evil things around the country. Felix took over the task of fighting the demons instead of Pamela, who had no spirit.

After you have been fighting seven magic objects

Pamela will return to a full spirit after the report’s fight is completed. Pamela is very happy to say that if it is stronger than ever, they will want to make a full-fledged fight.

First special edition of entity Edition

In addition, the first special edition of the Chinese physical edition of the “alchemy room – incredible alchemist trilogy DX” was published today – A4 sophib poster. Limited number, limited to the purchase of the first Chinese physical version of the players.

Ps4switchsteam’s Alchemy Workshop – the incredible alchemist Trilogy – DX will be on sale on April 22. The collection includes “Sophie’s Alchemy Workshop – the alchemist of the incredible book – DX”, “Phyllis’s Alchemy Workshop – the alchemist of the incredible Brigade – DX” and “Liddy & Suri’s Alchemy Workshop – The Alchemist of the incredible painting” DX “can be purchased separately.