Player feedback Microsoft mall “Neil: mechanical era” PC version more silky

Neil: the mechanical age has officially joined the Xbox game pass. PC XGP users can now download and play the game for free. At the same time, the game is also available in the Microsoft mall and can be purchased separately. According to the latest feedback from players, the PC version of Neil: the mechanical era of Microsoft mall and the PC version of steam platform seem to be two versions, making the game experience more "silky".

When Neil: the mechanical age landed on steam platform in 2017, its transplant work was not very satisfactory, and the game’s frame rate and resolution were criticized by players. Although the game has achieved great success, square Enix, the game publisher, has not taken any repair measures for the PC version of the game, and players have no choice but to optimize the game experience through various mods.

Player feedback Microsoft mall

In 2018, Neil: the mechanical age was transplanted to the Xbox one platform, named “become as gods edition”. Compared with the PS4 version, it has improved in resolution and frame rate. The PC version provided by the Microsoft Store is “Neil: the mechanical age of God”. The current feedback from players is very good. Although the frame rate is up to 60 frames as the steam version, the game experience is good.

Player feedback Microsoft mall

Foreign media PC gamer joked in the report that square Enix never fixed its own version, but Microsoft seems to have done so.