Player’s homemade “Wizard” 4K video mod for round eye player experience

Mod author vik9183 recently released "Wizard" HD mod, which is 8.3gb in size and stretches all pre rendered videos in the game to 4K resolution. The author used AI technology in the production, which is similar to the technology used in various HD material packages previously reported by us.

The author of MoD said that the resolution of the original video was 1280 x 720. After using AI technology, it was stretched to 4K material, and its color and artistic style were retained.

Player's homemade

The author showed the effect of mod in a comparative video. However, it is difficult to see the difference between before and after using mod in the video, so if you are obsessive-compulsive, you can try this mod. Interested players can click here to download.

Video presentation:

When installing this mod, you need to copy the unzipped files to the override folder instead of the

Under the switcherdata folder (if you don’t have this folder, you need to create one yourself).