Players complain that “Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls” has too many krypton gold equipment

Make complaints about game player's assassin creed: the hall of souls, krypton's strong Tucao. Last week, reddit and other websites were full of Posts complaining about too many krypton gold equipment in Assassin's Creed: the hall of souls, which spread like a virus. Fans expressed dissatisfaction because half of the armor in the game needed krypton gold, and some content in the game store was "priced too high", which affected the game experience.

Players in the Post said that they have seen the release of Ubisoft content continue to give priority to krypton gold. In addition, many questions about Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls are still up in the air.

Players complain that

“In the past few months, even those of us who spent more than $100 on the collector’s Edition didn’t get any content. All we got was a few obscure activities and a lot of bug repair work,” wrote reddit user zuazzer. At the same time, Ubisoft just keeps adding ridiculous krypton content to the store, which is purely to cheat krypton. Only a few players can really enjoy it. “

Zuazzer added that when players end up with a suit of armor for events in the game, it’s “a bloody armor.”.

Ubisoft has been criticized for adding krypton experience upgrade to “Assassin’s Creed: the hall of souls”. The developers argue that they want to give players the option to add post release content to the game, so as to promote their game process faster.

Ubisoft has yet to respond to the latest krypton complaint.