Popular outriders trial version with over 50000 online players

By people can

The new third person shooting game “outlanders” developed by fly and skwel Enix has achieved good results recently, and has gained considerable number of online players in the trial stage.

Popular outriders trial version with over 50000 online players

According to steam

According to data provided by database, outriders trial version reached 55351 online players two days ago, and now the number is about 23000. Although this number is not quite crazy, it is equivalent to the relatively stable number of online players in Star Wars A and exile Road, and it is only a trial stage.

This figure shows the potential of outlanders as a new work. Scoville, Enix and people can

Fly should be able to look forward to this work in the official stage. “Outlanders” will be on sale on April 1, and players who are looking forward to it won’t have to wait too long.

By contrast, skywell, Enix and crystal

The number of online players of dynamics’s “Marvel Avengers alliance” is only 31165, which is the first Marvel theme masterpiece after the great success of MCU movie. However, the price of Marvel Avengers should be taken into account. It’s said that the price of outlanders is 299 yuan. I don’t know if it will persuade a group of players to withdraw after the official sale.

“Outriders” will go on sale on April 1 on PC, PS4, ps5, stadia, Xbox one and Xbox series XS platforms.