Popular “Total War: Warhammer 3” still tops the list in national and regional pre purchase volume

"All round war: the Three Kingdoms" was in a hot spot in China, and the "Kuangfu Hanshi" was once out of the circle, which made it creative

The fastest selling work in the history of the all-round war, the assembly strategy game series, sold 1 million sets in the first week. From the current pre purchase trend, the comprehensive war: Hammer 3 is expected to copy this set of ways.


After the announcement of “all round war: Hammer 3”, it was on the global sales list of steam, and then squeezed down by games such as the hall of the spirit. But it is not the case in the country. According to foreign forum reports, the sales volume of “all round war: Hammer 3” has remained the first in the national area even in the face of such strong competitors as “ghost Valley eight wasteland”.

“All round war: Hammer 3” will be added to the East style power “Zhendan” and “kislif”, the popular faction, for the first time. Before that, Zhendan is only the same existence as the background version, without filling in the content. This time in hammer 3, games

Workshop will be with creative

Assembly together fills and expands “Sinian” and launches it as the first force. Shinan is a mysterious power far east. The western countries need to cross the dark land and the pain mountains to reach the country. The densely populated economy prospered in the early days of the earthquake. The rulers had a large number of troops and used the Great Wall to resist the northern barbarians.

At the end of the trailer of “all round war: Hammer 3”, it shows that the movie is presented to creative by domestic players

The map of “Zhendan” of assembly. Such operation is obviously welcomed by domestic players, and further contributed to the increase of the volume of pre purchase in the region.

“All round war: Hammer 3” will land in steam and epic game mall by the end of 2021.