“Potentia” has won “special praise” and is now on sale

Potentia, a third person action adventure game, was released recently and won special praise from players. The original price is 88 yuan and the current price is 79 yuan. Chinese is not supported. The promotion ends on February 19.

About this game

The ongoing cold war is coming to an end. Both sides said they would not continue the war. That night, everyone was in the street. People everywhere are celebrating the end of the war. The whole city is like a big party place. A friend of ours is having a party at his home.

My wife, Anna, and I will meet on the subway and join our friends later that evening. Well, what else can I say? We’re all happy. Then we realize that our happiness won’t last long. Our hope will disappear just as many people around us disappear in an instant.

Everything disappeared in less than a second. Unknown energy appears in many parts of the city. No one knows how much the real loss is, whether it’s just a city, a country or a whole planet. It looks like buildings and infrastructure are intact. So are animals and plants. But people Many people disappeared in an instant. Now, no one answers my phone. No one came to help us. It’s like everyone’s gone missing all of a sudden. Except for some hostile people, no one else could be found. After the attack, very few of us survived. With so many people alive and rational among them, it has not been able to employ all the resources of the government and law enforcement agencies. Now the forest rule that only the strong can survive. In fact, humans are not just wild. Every day brings new challenges, but we will stick to it. No matter what measures are taken, we will survive.