Praise card new work “narrow fight” landing steam at the end of the month to experience first

"Narrow fight" is a work published in early 2020. It tells the story of a well-dressed guy fighting with a villain in a narrow space. In the first trailer, the manufacturer showed the vulgar and violent elements of the game. As a card turn strategy game, it is rare to do so. In the game, players need to collect a series of cards before they can use different moves and abilities to upgrade the equipment for the agents, and then try to complete various bodyguard style tasks to fight with the villain.

The game was originally scheduled to go on sale at the end of 2020, but it obviously failed to catch up. Developer ground

Praise card new work

Shatter said today that the book will be launched on steam on February 24, as well as Gog and epic game stores.

The first task of “narrow fight” as a free trial has now landed on steam platform, and has received “high praise” evaluation. The trial version has been updated to allow players to play again after each fight, with a new “clearer” interface and new music. Interested players can first experience the introduction.

“Narrow fight” trial version steam address: click here to enter