Producer: halo won’t please everyone

Kiki wolfkill, halo's cross media director, shared some of the latest news about halo's long-term production. In an interview with IGN, Kiki wolfkill, the cross media director of halo, said that as a first person shooting game, the ability of halo Series in storytelling is limited, because the main storyline is focused on one character - the sergeant. But with the new halo TV series, there is an opportunity to enhance the storytelling ability of halo series, so that fans can see more characters and plots. Kiki wolfkill also admitted in an interview that the measures taken by Microsoft in halo may not satisfy everyone.

Kiki wolfkill, halo’s cross media director, said: “in an FPS game, there are only so many plot parts about characters, because they want to keep some characters [mysterious] and get players involved in him or her. Therefore, the new TV series give us a longer narrative ability, so that we can really focus on the role and role, which is difficult to achieve in the first person perspective game. “

Producer: halo won't please everyone

Kiki wolfkill also mentioned that halo will be similar to game of thrones in terms of “the scope, scale and complexity of human relationships.”.

“A lot of halo is set in this kind of political drama,” Kiki wolfkill said. In the game, it’s an easy thing to touch, but in other media, you’ll see more. That kind of complexity is interesting

However, unlike game of thrones, halo has no incest scene. “I have to say that there’s no incest plan for this show,” Kiki wolfkill said. If you’re looking for it, you can’t find it here. “

Kiki wolfkill said that the overall goal of halo TV series is to tell a story that fans like, and will not make fans feel contrary to the plot of the game

Kiki wolfkill said: “we hope you can play games, have this feeling about who the character is, fall in love with it, then stop and put it aside, enjoy other experiences, and then embark on another journey. And look at that character in a different way, without feeling that it hinders your sense of the character you already have in the game. “