Qing version shooting “R-type final 2” fourth bullet preview combined with classic operation and modern play

R-type final 2, a shooting game of Qing Dynasty, is expected to be launched in Japan on April 29, 2021, and will log on Xbox seriesps4 Xbox one switchpc platform. The European and American version will be released later. Granzella, the developer, released the fourth trailer for the work.

The fourth bullet of R-type final 2 is predicted:

Qing version shooting

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Qing version shooting

Introduction to the game:

Qing version shooting

The R-type final 2 player can control R-type fighters equipped with new classic wave guns, force devices, bit equipment and destructive delta weapons in the game, and realize the urgency of destroying a large number of bydo. The threat of bydo is always upgrading, and new enemies are generated from the wreckage of the enemy ship. Under the influence of the perceived corruption of bydo, the scene has collapsed and changed. R-type final 2 combines the explosive operation of the original and the modern visual effect and game playing characteristics. For the new and old fans of cross version shooting games, this work can not be missed.

Qing version shooting

Enhancement and evolution

Qing version shooting

R-type is back and better! Welcome to experience the explosive return of the legendary horizontal version shooting game on PC. It not only retains the original’s impressive operation, but also adds modern visual effects, challenging game mode, weapon system with new characteristics, evolving enemies, unpredictable scenes and real-time difficulty system that can be adjusted according to the player’s performance.

Global challenges

The performance based difficulty system adopted in this work can be adjusted according to the individual experience of each player, so that the new and old players can experience the fun of the game. When you eliminate a large number of alien enemies, you may as well check the global points list to find out where you are in the competition with other players!

Custom equipment

Players can personalize the body in the game in all directions, including its color, weapon type and decal. In addition, players can choose from the fighters from the previous series, or even define the driver according to their own preferences.

Video screen: