“Quality effect: Legend” and the original game screen comparison video

EA announced yesterday that the quality effect: Legendary Edition will be available on May 14, and will log on to PC (steamorigin), PS4 and XBOX

One platform. Today, cycu1, the tubing blogger, has brought a video of contrast between the original game of “quality effect: legendary version” and “quality effect”.


The BioWare team revealed that efforts have been made for months to update the texture, shaders, models, effects and technical features of the three major games, with the goal not to rebuild or redesign the original, but to enable fans and new players to experience the original in the best modern way. Being able to remake this trilogy represents the heart and blood crystallization of the past decade will continue, and bring a better and clearer experience than ever.

Quality effect: legendary version visual enhancement:

New generation reset Optimization: with enhanced texture, visual effect and modeling, revisit classic trilogy at 4K Ultra HD, all supporting HDR.

All trilogy visual enhancement: game updates include enhanced models, shaders, FX, lighting and depth of field, and full resolution audio.

Visual enhancement of the first generation of quality effect: to create a complete world construction for your early works, including environmental art, visual effects and level re lighting.

PC version update: enjoy the modern PC experience of the full trilogy, support local controller and 21:9 wide screen mode, improve the navigation of user interface, and support DirectX 11 compatibility.