Rabbit ear mother game “Rabbi” DLC added cocoa model price will be slightly increased

According to crespirit recently, DLC added cocoa model to rabbit ear mother game Rabi RIBI (Rabbi), which will be increased by the official price of DLC to $7.99 (original $6.99) on February 8, and the change of DLC name and price adjustment will not affect the players who already hold DLC.

Official announcement:

Rabbit ear mother game

Wish Rabi RIBI 5 anniversary! The 2.0.0 update has been officially public! DLC “before next adventure” is officially renamed “cocoa mode before next adventure”, and players can play games with cocoa!

Rabbit ear mother game

With the addition of cocoa mode, we will increase the price to $7.99 (the original $6.99) on February 8, and neither the name change nor price adjustment of DLC will affect the players who already hold DLC.

Rabbit ear mother game

DLC introduction

Rabbit ear mother game

Cocoa mode update! Now you can use cocoa for Speedrun mode*

A totally different style of fighting with eleana!

Cocoa can use all of her props! The prop works the same as Arian but has different effects (for example, cocoa will take out a transfer bomb when using sliding powder instead of taxiing)

Cocoa can use different special cocoa bombs with the magic of Libo’s choice

Cocoa has her own hidden skills

Interface and some pictures change to cocoa style!

Achievements dedicated to cocoa

*Unlock cocoa mode, you need to complete chapter 8 of the story with eleana first (difficulty mode does not ask)

Or press “magic change (right)” on the title screen to unlock Speedrun mode, and complete chapter 5 of the story (difficulty mode is not asked)

DLC content

Cocoa is selected in Speedrun mode

A new outfit for Elena

Four new Libo clothes, including Halloween Libo, ending CG clothes, etc

4 new CG are added to the main story

New special leaders, including Elis, Rita, etc*

New achievements

Interested players can click here to get the link to this mall in Rabi RIBI (Rabbi), or DLC mall link.