Radiation 76 announced that pet system will be added to the updated roadmap in 2021

Recently, Bethesda released the roadmap for the third year of radiation 76. On March 24, there will be a question and answer session for developers, with project leader Jeff Gardiner and design director Mark

Tucker will answer questions from players about the future of radiation 76.

Radiation 76 announced that pet system will be added to the updated roadmap in 2021


“Radiation 76: ready to go” will bring a number of camp switching functions, role shuffling and card group preset slot, daily action mode map, enemy reward expansion, camp name icon customization and other functions online, committed to improving the game mechanism. At the same time, the fourth season of “armor trumps and cold steel” was launched, which was set as a board game chessboard with the background of Yukon forces in Canada in the radiation world view.


Radiation 76: steel rule will be the final chapter of the apalachian brotherhood story line. Players will complete new tasks, meet new characters, explore new locations, acquire new equipment, and determine the future of the brotherhood. Players can make more legendary equipment, and 76’s powerarmour will join the legend entry system for the first time.

At the same time, the fifth season of “escape in the 42nd century” was launched.


This update focuses on the second expansion of daily action mode, and will fully evolve the private server mode. It does not rule out the possibility of opening mod, preserving workshop buildings permanently, expanding budget, etc.

And start the sixth season.


The new expansion “radiant 76: The Ballad of the stars” will include legendary four-star weapons and armor, much anticipated camp pet system, community activities and daily action updates. In the face of new dangers, we should carry out new activities. In the new public challenge, in the face of extraterrestrial invasion, the whole server players need to work together to complete the challenge. Defeat powerful new enemies and get a lot of rewards.

The cult of Appalachian will hold evil rituals in a new season. Help these heretics prepare for dangerous rituals, and they will give you unique rewards.

And start the seventh season.