“Rainbow 6: blockade” xsxs version confirms support for cross platform online

Rainbow Six: blockade has revealed some demonstrations before, but we still know little about the game. No longer PVP, the game focuses on PVE, and the game is the extension of the previous "Rainbow Six: Siege" outbreak mode. Reddit netizens recently found that the technology test of Rainbow Six: blockade was put on the shelves of Microsoft mall, exposing more details.

According to the shopping mall page, rainbow 6: blockade will support 2-3 people online cooperation and support traditional Chinese, but also has single person elements. Xbox version login xsxs and XBOX

One, support cross platform play. Although the official website of the game only lists Xbox one, PS4 and PC, this may be the first time that the new host xsxs and ps5 are confirmed positively.

The cover picture shows that the official name of rainbow 6: blockade is still not determined, and the cover is still using rainbow 6: Code parasite. Previously, ubite has clarified that parasites are only internal development codes, and the official name will be announced in the future.

Rainbow Six: the blockade is currently due to be available by September 30.