“Rainbow 6: Siege” host version will support cross platform online

Rainbow Six: siege is one of the most interesting games of the previous generation. Although the quality of the game was not ideal when it first started, it still found its own users and has been operating at a steady pace since. Now it has landed on a new host, and will even launch a derivative, rainbow 6: blockade. It seems that the development team behind "Rainbow 6: Siege" wants the host players to play games together.

In an interview with PC gamer, the company’s director, Jean Baptiste Halle, confirmed that they are working on cross platform play and cross platform progress between major host platforms. “In the mainframe world, I think it would be great if Playstation and Xbox could play games together,” he said

But he doesn’t seem to be sure whether these players should be put together with PC players, because they think the keyboard and mouse have an advantage over the handle.

Rainbow Six: siege has been launched on PC, ps5, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox series XS.