“Rainbow Six: blockade” six agents and game play reveal similar way to survive

Yesterday, although Ubisoft did not disclose any official information, the video of "Rainbow 6: blockade" novice teaching level was leaked on the Internet (it has been deleted), and the leaked video also preliminarily revealed the game playing method and six combat officers.

The game codes of these leaked videos are all known as “Rainbow Six paradise”. It is not known whether they are the names of specific plots or new game modes.

According to foreign media reports, the player’s number one enemy in rainbow 6: blockade is archaeans, a single celled organism that can survive under high pressure. When it parasitizes the human body, it can make the human body mutate and make its body grow sharp tusks or hard shell armor.

The game level process requires players to explore the infected facilities and sneak in to obtain target intelligence or rescue survivors. You will see a slow black biofilm. Stepping on the biofilm will slow down the movement speed, but according to the leaked video last month, it seems that it can be broken with guns. At the same time, players will also see that the ancient sclerotia needs to be destroyed.

During the movement of the facility, the player will arrive at the safe house locked by the pneumatic gate, and each safe house will be connected to the next level, and the player can also decide whether the intelligence score collected is enough to return to the retreat point, because every time he passes the next gate, the game will be more difficult. Basically, the operation mechanism of the safe house is very similar to the road to survival. Even if some players are left behind, as long as one person survives and enters, others can be reborn at the next level.

The site of the Archaea outbreak was in Mexico, so team rainbow 6 took the lead in gathering the first group of people. A total of six agents, alibi, lion, vigil, ELA, finka and tachanka, reported to the police.