“Ranch story” new patch released, the official said the game experience is smoother

Customer service game player make complaints about the long time, the system is not convenient and so on. The game player also apologized to the players, and said that the update patch would be released in mid March.

Today (March 16), “olive town and the land of hope” has released updated data ver1.0.3, the official said that this update fixed some abnormal problems, can bring a smoother game experience.

Update data content currently released

Version ver. 1.0.3

Release date: March 16, 2021

Update content

Reduce partial loading time

Modify the performance when entering or leaving the facility

Some words that are contrary to the world outlook are deleted and amended

Fix the problem that the game can’t continue after the network communication is set to on

Fix the problem that the pet can’t continue to play after waking up under certain conditions

Fix the problem that the game can’t be continued if the fishing rod is equipped in the mine under specific conditions

Fix other minor errors