Ranger “the robber of the green forest” announces career Trailer

The new multiplayer robbery game "outlaws of the green forest: outlaws and legends" released a new trailer today, showing the "Ranger" profession in the game. Developer focus home

Interactive also introduces some details of the profession.



“Outlaws and legends” is a PVE game. In the game, two groups of four teams will compete with each other to complete the robbery and get a reward. At the same time, there will be AI enemies waiting for the players. Each player can choose a specific professional role. In the trailer, we can see the equipment and playing style of Ranger.

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Interactive says the career was inspired by Robin Hood. The character, wearing a hood and light armor, uses a long bow to aim at distant enemies. The video points out that players need to learn how to use Longbow to protect their teammates and win the opponent’s powerful profession in time before they can win the game. Rangers can also create shortcuts in the map, such as shooting down the wall of the rope to quickly climb.

In addition to the main weapons, Rangers also have the ability to subvert and control the situation. Similar to egio in Assassin’s creed, Rangers can hide their bodies and use special ability “reconnaissance” to mark patrol targets. After highlighting the enemy, it will be easier to shuttle through the heavily guarded area. The class also has evasive ability and flares to ensure its own safety or quick escape in combat.

Ranger’s ultimate ability “foresight” allows players to shoot burning arrows, cause explosions and damage multiple enemies. Focus Home

Interactive indicates that the capability can be used for different purposes, but it needs to be published gradually in the future.

The core concept of this work is slightly subversive. PVE is not a common form of multiplayer games, so the fast-paced play of “outlaws and legends” is very unique. Most people have a role like a sniper in a play, and this work is no exception.

There are also players may feel that Ranger equipment is not brilliant. Settings like dodge and flare have long been rotten. Although they may be useful, they lack originality. Focus Home

Interactive said the character was designed based on Robin Hood, but it’s hard to connect skills and play.

“Outlaws and legends” will be released on May 10, 2021 on PC, PS4, ps5, Xbox one and Xbox series x|s platforms.