“Re: Zero” popular character remram, new to ice season dress up as super cute

The super popular characters REM and ram in re: a life in a different world from scratch have always been popular product materials for all kinds of manufacturers. Recently, the brand-new remram ice season clothing has been made public, with different temperament. We will start pre order on March 12, and let's get to know.

┬ĚREM and ram sisters are the main characters in re: a different world from scratch and its derivative works. They are twin maids who take on all the chores in rozwall’s mansion. They have different personalities. They seem to be cruel and indifferent, but in fact they are very strong, gentle and popular.

┬ĚRemy and Lam’s novice office are from pop up paradise, a hand-made brand. They are dressed up in ice season clothes, with a full height of about 17cm. They are well made, lovely and priced at 3900 yen. Interested fans can pay attention to the official page: Click to enter