Recruitment ads suggest that Bungie’s new IP has social and content creation tools

Last year, Bungie published some job advertisements, revealing that their next undisclosed IP will be an RPG game, with weapons and armor, taking place in the necromancer dungeon. Another advertisement suggests that as a comedy style, new characters are more relaxed and grotesque. Since then, Bungie has released several new jobs, revealing that the new work will have social functions and content creation tools.

The first position is incubation assistant tools engineer, which says, “you will join an interdisciplinary team where you will implement and improve the tools used by content creators.” Now we know that this new IP will last for a while, similar to destiny series. The position also points out that the candidate will develop new features and workflow for content creators: “you will spend time optimizing workflow, updating user interface, developing new features, all to build better workflow for our content creators.”

Recruitment ads suggest that Bungie's new IP has social and content creation tools

The second job didn’t specify that it was for the new IP, but it was for an undisclosed project. The position indicates that the role will be responsible for “creative and technical implementation of social systems.”.

Recruitment ads suggest that Bungie's new IP has social and content creation tools

In February, Bungie announced the future of Destiny 2 and its studio. “Destiny” series will march into other media, “mark noseworth and Luke”

Smith oversees and prepares to expand the universe of destiny to other media. “

In addition, Bungie revealed that they plan to release at least one new IP by 2025. Speaking of the new IP, in 2018, Bungie applied for a trademark for a video game called “matter”. However, since then, we have not seen any news related to the name.

As for destiny 2, there will be a new unpublished DLC expansion film after “lightfall”, which will go online in early 2023, which will end the light and dark story of destiny universe.