“Red desert” is not a MMORPG, it has little influence on “black desert”

Last year, pearl

Abyss released “red desert” and released a preview, showing the game screen and play, impressive. This is an open world action adventure game, which will present an epic fantasy world with narrative driven single story and online multiplayer mode.

Game Preview:


Abyss is still developing MMORPG “black desert”, which makes some people doubt whether “red desert” is the successor of “black desert”? Because red desert also has online multiplayer mode. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Recently, jeonghee, CEO of Pearl abyss America

Jin told the foreign media the gamer that “red desert” is not a new MMORPG game. He did not elaborate on the online features of the game, but promised that red desert would not affect the continued development of black desert.

“Black desert and red desert are two separate games. The publication of red desert has little influence on the development of black desert. “Black desert” developers will continue to update the content, they attach great importance to player feedback. In addition, we did not define “red desert” as an MMORPG game. We set different benchmarks and goals for these two games. “

“Red desert” is a game based on the story of a group of mercenaries fighting for survival in the vast parval continent. It shows the heroic epic story with realistic characters and plots. Compared with the hero’s life, it emphasizes the growth and frustration of mercenaries with different past and sadness. The game will be launched in the winter of 2021, and the landing platform has not been announced yet. Foreign media speculated that the work may be landing on PC and next generation host platform.