Restaurant management simulation game “recipe for disaster” launched steam

Restaurant management simulation game recipe for

“Disaster” is now on sale, steam does not support Chinese, and the release date has not been made public. Show a restaurant management simulation game with difficult to handle social content. While dealing with wayward employees, suspicious cooking skills, demanding customers and unreliable suppliers, we embark on the culinary adventure of becoming the ultimate chef in crisis!

Restaurant management simulation game

About this game

Restaurant management simulation game

Recipe for Disaster

Restaurant management simulation game

Is a restaurant management and social simulation game. You will play an inexperienced but ambitious chef in the game, striving to realize your lifelong dream of becoming an internationally renowned restaurant owner. In this dream journey, your tasks include elaborating the restaurant, hiring and managing the right staff, customizing the food menu, and trying to use new ingredients to create new delicious dishes and win the appreciation of customers. Does it sound idyllic

Restaurant management simulation game

absolutely wrong.

Restaurant management simulation game

It is not easy to develop and innovate in the food service industry with fierce competition, fast pace and great pressure. After all, this is a people-oriented industry. It’s hard to make everyone happy, motivated and successful!

Restaurant management simulation game

Serious personality conflicts and major skill gaps within the team are likely to disrupt the service process, and customers’ changeable attitudes and tricky tastes may become obstacles for you to obtain important positive evaluation scores.

Restaurant management simulation game

Through unremitting efforts, smart management, and a lot of compromise, your restaurant will grow. When you attract more and more picky customers and food critics into your restaurant, it will also bring new opportunities and challenges. Expand the store, improve the staff level, and walk carefully between the glory of food and the bankruptcy of the restaurant.


Build your ideal team-

Select from the programmed pool of employees. You need to consider each employee’s unique combination of personality and skill levels, as well as the impact of these factors on employee productivity, relationships, and customer interaction. Is it appropriate or will it be proved that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages

Restaurant construction-

Use intuitive building tools and a variety of themes to customize the design and layout of your restaurant. Equip your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, decorate the dining area, and build a storage room for precious ingredients.


Manually assign tasks to your team, or use a highly customizable priority system to keep everyone busy. Pay close attention to customers’ orders and adjust strategies in time to ensure the highest level of food and customer service.

Professional ethics-

Manage the team’s attitude and endurance level to minimize the risk of illness and midway leave. Some employees will like the tasks you assign them, while others will show disgust! Be alert to employees’ thoughts, temporary and permanent personality changes, and the development of relationships within the team.

Customers are always right – pay close attention to customers’ needs and adjust the menu to their taste. Be careful of dietary requirements, food allergies and unusual preferences.

Everyone is a critic-

Decide how to properly handle the requirements and complaints of employees and customers. People who are too soft on their ears or can’t listen to their opinions will soon shut down, so you have to look at every situation carefully.

The key is taste – working with a variety of reliable and unreliable suppliers to ensure access to a variety of ingredients. Use the intuitive recipe editor to freely create original recipes and add them to your menu.

… And this is just the beginning – the game update also plans to add multiplayer collaboration and confrontation mode, additional themes and room types, health checks, employee shifts, disaster and comprehensive module support.