“Rhodes island” officially put on sale on March 27, the new level ushered in the end

Different from many games announced to be postponed during the epidemic, "adventures in wonderland of didelite in Rhodes island" has not only advanced steam's experience time, but also confirmed that the official release date is March 27.

It is reported that the official version of “the adventures of tilderite in Wonderland in Rhodes island” will open the fifth and sixth chapters, and the story of the game will officially usher in the end.

“The adventures of tildrette in wonderland of Rhodes island” is a 2D exploring action game of Alcatraz. It tells the story of didelite waking up and finding herself in a strange space. Where is this? Why am I here? The only answer was the silence of the air. In order to find the answer, tillette slowly took the first step.

It is reported that stage 5 and stage 6 will be added to the finished version of “adventures in the wonderland of tildrette in the chronicles of Rhodes island”. The “Knight’s house” in Stage5 will meet the last strong enemy in Stage4 again. Didriette will catch up with the enemy and arrive at the old Western-style foreign style Museum. What will be welcomed there is? The story finally came to an end.

“Adventures in the wonderland of Roderick” will start its first experience in steam on March 12. Now it is participating in the promotion and the price is 34.40 yuan.