“Ru long: Ji 2” sex change mod released

Sega "Rulong" series games have many fans around the world, and many works have received numerous praise on the whole platform. Tong Sheng is a tough Gang character. He likes to play slot machines, sing karaoke and love to make girls. What would happen if Tong Sheng was a woman?

Recently, ryuhachii, the God of mod, released the sexual transformation of mod in Dragon: Extreme 2. Tongsheng turned into a beautiful woman. Ryuhachii said mod was inspired by Tong Sheng when he was on the ground in the game. He hoped to bring a variety of experience to the game, and hoped that Sega could launch the Dragon heroine in the future.

Mod download address: Click to enter

Ryuhachii said that because some game files cannot be edited, players may encounter some strange animation after playing mod. Fortunately, these problems only appear in the over the field animation, and will not affect the player experience. Players quickly download mod to try, use the beautiful women to lift the Yin foot, beat those stinky men!

“Rulong: extremely 2” reprinted is sold at steam for 185 yuan, which supports 4K resolution. The game tells about Tong Sheng and put down the day when he was going to kill in Dongcheng. He and the girl he cared for, Ze village, lived a normal and stable life after the dispute. However, with the only shot, the tranquility was broken: the fifth generation of the president of the East City Association, temple xingxiong, was secretly harmed by people, and a vicious war was about to be started. The legendary “dragon of Tangdao” should not be involved in the Jianghu disputes again. Tongsheng must go to cangtianhori, Daban, and try to make peace with the hostile gang. But the rural dragon division, known as the dragon of guanxi, is ready to start the war. There is only one dragon of legend in this world.