“Rune Factory 5” battle screenshot open, can also ride monsters to fight

The latest work of the series, Rune Factory 5, will be released on switch platform on May 20, 2021. Official Twitter has recently released many screenshots of the game and briefly introduced its combat system.

There are eight different types of weapons in Rune Factory 5, such as sword, axe and staff. By using the same type of weapons continuously, the protagonist can improve his proficiency and acquire skills.

Weapons can be purchased in the store and dropped in the maze. They can also be forged and manufactured by themselves. The weapons of partners can also be changed. Equipped with weapons aimed at the enemy’s weakness, the combat effectiveness can be improved. Players can choose to match special attack magic recovery skills.

In Rune Factory 5, special props for “seed circle” are added, which can temporarily block the enemy’s actions after launching, obtain props from the enemy, and make the captured monsters become partners to fight together for a period of time.

Players can take the town residents who become friends or the monsters who become partners to fight together. Residents who fight with players can also upgrade their level. Monsters who become partners can not only participate in fighting, but also ride to fight. Players can also release “union skills” with urban residents.