Rx6700 XT dx12: 4K is better than 1080p

RX 6700 XT is scheduled to go on sale on March 18 with a domestic price of 3699 yuan. Apisak, a good news player, picked out the performance of this graphics card under the benchmark suite of dx12 classic game "singularity ash". Let's have a look with interest.

The contrast is RX 5700 XT, which is the last generation of rDNA graphics card. The CPU used in the test platform is Raptor 7 3700 X.

Rx6700 XT dx12: 4K is better than 1080p

In terms of running points alone, 6700 XT is 25.68 faster under 1080p crazy load.

Under the crazy load of 1440p, 6700 XT is 33.33 faster.

Under 4K crazy load, 6700xt is even faster by 35.71.

Interestingly, the performance under 4K crazy setting (7600 points) is even better than that under 5700xt 1080p crazy setting (7400 points), which is impressive.

In terms of specifications, in addition to the Navi 22 core of the new architecture, 6700xt has 5700xt 4GB more 12gb video memory and 716mhz higher core frequency.

As for the frame rate, it’s 94fps at 1080p and 77fps at 4K.

Obviously, RX 6700 XT seems to be a better choice than RTX 3070 if it is not a heavy user of light pursuit games.