“Scarlet knot” goes on sale on June 24

"Scarlet knot", a Japanese style action adventure game developed by Wandai namenggong, announced that it will go on sale on June 25, landing on ps5, PS4, Xbox one, xsxs and steam platforms. The Japanese version will go on sale on June 24. In addition, "scarlet knot" cartoon is also officially open, and is expected to be broadcast this summer.

New preview of scarlet knot:

“Scarlet knot” will be released in standard digital and physical versions for $59.99 and luxury digital version for $79.99. The deluxe version includes: game body, battle suit “red”, digital music, digital art atlas and other accessories. Players who book now will get extra rewards.

Introduction to the game:

In the distant future, a kind of super power hormone is discovered in human brain, which can endow human with super power and change the world as we know it.

Just as human beings enter a new era, mutants called “the other” begin to fall from the sky, full of desire for human brain.

Because these mutants have strong resistance to the traditional way of attack, they need to take extreme measures to fight against this huge threat and protect human beings.

Those who have a keen sense of super ability, known as the “super power”, is the hope of mankind against the attack from the sky.

The superpowers were discovered for their talents and recruited into the last line of defense of mankind, the superpower suppression force (OSF).

Players will play yuito sumeragi, a new member of the superpower crackdown force, with the goal of becoming an elite superpower like the one who saved himself as a child.

Cartoon introduction:

In 2020, other creatures began to attack humans. In order to eliminate these new enemies, a resistance force was set up. Yuito, who was saved by this elite team when he was young, was recruited and bravely trained. On the other hand, the prodigy Kasane Randall’s abilities have also been discovered. Kasane’s dream implies some strange things, which drag them into the inevitable fate.

Video screen: