Se action RPG “forspoken” new details for PC and ps5 synchronous development

The new action RPG game "project athia" is officially named forspoken (the place of curse), and is officially named by luminous

Products, also the studio’s first game, is due to be available in 2022 and logged into PC and ps5. The trailer shows the heroine using magic to move freely and freely in the open world and fight against various kinds of magic objects. The heroine is played by Ella balinska, who has performed the 2019 new version of “breaki jiaowa”, and is responsible for action capture and voice dubbing.

Se action RPG

Here is an official introduction to the game:

Se action RPG

Forspoken lets players play Frey

Se action RPG

Holland, a normal young woman, has to use her magic power to survive in a magical and dangerous country called athia. In forspoken, Frey is exploring an unknown world and facing a tough test to uncover the mystery behind athia.

Se action RPG

Main features

Se action RPG

Designed for ps5 system – forspoken will make full use of all the functions of the game machine and display luminous

Se action RPG

The philosophy of products design, which is to integrate the latest technology and creativity, provides unprecedented game experience.

Se action RPG

Synchronous development for PC and ps5

Se action RPG

First work from the newly established studio luminous productions of square Enix

Se action RPG

The blog released by Se official blog has published more details:

Meet Frey Holland

This seemingly ordinary woman is the protagonist of forspoken – a new adventure for the luminous productions genius team.

Pushed to the dangerous continent of athia, the young hero must learn to use magic to survive. She will face many terrible enemies and overcome the dangerous test in an extraordinary journey.

But what exactly is forspoken, and what can you get from this exciting project

What is forspoken

We first released the game last year, with the development code of project

AThia。 During today’s conference, we drew further to reveal the world, character and actual name of the game: forspoken.

This game is a narrative driven adventure game, which is made up of luminous

Productions development. The studio’s philosophy is to create game experiences, combine the latest technologies with unrestricted ideas – and it’s a very accurate way to describe their new games.

Forspoken is designed for Playstation 5, which creates a real next generation game experience with the powerful features of the new host.

What is the content of forspoken

In forspoken, you’ll play Frey, entering athia for the first time. The new land is amazing, but it is cruel and deadly. In the new trailer, you can take a look at the dangers she will face.

Frey will be played by ELA balinska

“As the first video game I’ve been involved in, I was shocked to see the incredible world and story of forspoken combine, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy,” balinska said.

Frey is a real and primitive character, a lost girl – both figuratively and literally, a character I immediately associate with, and I think many people around the world will be on the risk as well. “