Second time experience! Thundersnake releases skyfalcon smart glasses

Razer released a new multi-functional smart glasses, which can provide immersive low delay Bluetooth audio to prevent harmful light from damaging eyes in the indoor and outdoor office.

Irvine, California, March 5, 2021 – Razer, a global player lifestyle trend brand (hereinafter referred to as “Razer”, stock exchange of Hong Kong Stock Code: 1337), officially released today

Second time experience! Thundersnake releases skyfalcon smart glasses

Anzu thunder snake days Falcon intelligent audio glasses, is also its first glasses products. Thundersnake skyfalcon smart glasses are available with 35 blue light filter lenses and 99

Second time experience! Thundersnake releases skyfalcon smart glasses

UVA UVB blocking polarizing sun lens set provides proper protection for eyes, integrates touch control function and open auditory design, and realizes unique wearability. Raytheon smart glasses not only enhance the overall office experience of workers, but also provide more personalized fashion choices for digital entertainment and outdoor activities.

Second time experience! Thundersnake releases skyfalcon smart glasses

Due to the adoption of open wireless audio and low delay Bluetooth technology, skyfalcon has achieved excellent immersion audio and convenience, creating a new way of work and entertainment. Less than 48g lightweight design and ergonomic appearance, more suitable for long-time wear, such as the need to face the computer all day office workers. There are square and round lenses to choose from, each with two sizes. The hinge is flexible and durable. The frame is decorated with low-key brand logo, and easy to fold and store.

“Kestrel makes wearable products more modern through convenience, blue light filtering and UV protection.” John, head of sales and marketing, thundersnake

“In the current environment, more and more people want to have a product that integrates the needs of eye protection, hands-free communication and intelligent control, and skyfalcon emerges as the times require,” Moore said

Protection upgrade, fashion

For the needs of work, entertainment and leisure, more and more people spend a lot of time on mobile devices, laptops and desktops, which makes their eyes exposed to the blue radiation of the monitor for a long time. Thundersnake skyfalcon provides a complete set of solutions, which can filter out harmful light from digital devices and sunlight, and add powerful eye protection function to fashionable smart glasses. The 35 blue light filter lens pre installed in the package can protect the eyes from the glare of the screen, relieve eye fatigue, make the eyes feel fresh and more focused when enjoying entertainment or work; when outdoor activities, it can be replaced with another pair of polarizing lens, which can protect the eyes from 99

UVA UVB UV damage.

Low delay, open audio, low key and modern

The custom Bluetooth 5.1 connection achieves the industry-leading 60 millisecond delay, providing smooth, non stuck sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in music and avoid audio delay or jumping interference. The hidden omnidirectional microphone and loudspeaker built into the mirror frame provide you with amazing and convenient hands-free communication anytime and anywhere.

One charge can enjoy more than 5 hours of battery life, and the thundersnake skyfalcon intelligent glasses can be used for all day work and games. When not in use, fold the legs of the glasses, and the glasses will automatically turn off to save power. It can achieve up to two weeks of standby time under normal use frequency.

Real intelligent control

In order to create a convenient and intuitive intelligent control, the thunder snake Falcon has a touch area on both sides of the mirror frame, which can change music tracks, play or pause media files, manage calls and activate the voice assistant of the smart phone. Through dedicated Android and IOS applications, you can also upgrade the user experience, achieve EQ adjustment (default, clarity enhancement or triple enhancement), delay setting, battery status and firmware update.

Razer Anzu

Raytheon Falcon offers different sizes and shapes of lenses, IPx4 grade anti splashing design, not affected by sweat, even in the event of sudden splash or bad weather, it can still maintain the consistent excellent performance. Package contains pre installed 35

Anzu skyfalcon smart glasses with blue light filter lens, polarizing sun lens with 99 UVA UVB barrier for replacement, usb-a

Charging cable, cleaning soft cloth, and glasses case for storing glasses and lenses.

Razer Anzu specification of intelligent glasses for thundersnake skyfalcon


·35 blue light filter

·99 UVA UVB blocking Polarized Sunglasses


·Drive unit: 16mm

·Approximate weight: 43-48 g (SM square frame – about 43 g, SM round frame – about 44 g, l square frame – about 46 g, l round frame – about 48 g)


·Pickup mode: omnidirectional

Touch control

·Audio control: play, pause, switch next track, switch previous track

·Call control: answer, reject, switch and hang up

·Others: pairing, charging, starting and closing game mode, starting and closing smartphone voice assistant


·Battery life: more than 5 hours*

*It may vary depending on the frequency of use


·Devices with Bluetooth audio

·Android and IOS smartphones

Recommended retail price:

Razer Anzu thunder snake skyfalcon intelligent glasses double lens set: 1799 yuan

Razer Anzu replaceable solar lens (one pair): 299 yuan

Time to market:

March 2021

About Razer

Razer is a global lifestyle brand.

Razer’s three headed snake logo is one of the world’s most well-known logos in the field of games and E-sports. Razer, which has fans all over the world, has designed and built the world’s largest integrated ecosystem of hardware, software and services for players.

The award-winning Razer hardware products include high-performance game peripherals and Razer blade series game laptops.

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Fintech is one of the largest online and offline electronic payment networks in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2005, Razer is headquartered in Irvine, California and Singapore. Razer has 17 offices around the world, and is recognized as a leading gamer brand in the United States, Europe and China. Razer is now listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1337).

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