Sie London Studio: our next game has great potential

Sie London studio launched one of the best PSVR Games "blood and truth" in 2019. Considering the high quality of this VR game, many players want to know about the next game of this studio. According to studio leader Tara

Saunders, their new work is obviously going to be a big one.

Sie London Studio: our next game has great potential

On the studio’s website, Tara, the new director of the studio

Saunders discussed Sie London’s values on healthy work initiatives and how to balance them with game development, then added that they are currently developing a game with great potential.

“I want us to have big dreams and unleash our full potential, but also to ensure that there is an ethical and sustainable game development process,” Saunders said. We have strong values, which means we should keep in mind the importance of inclusiveness, balance and team spirit. Our next game has great potential, we hope to make the most of it, promote team development and create a high-quality game! “

Previously, the studio said it would continue to invest in VR games. Recently, Sony also announced the next generation VR system for ps5. So a killer VR game is what Sony needs most.